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About Chinese

Poet and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott once wrote, "Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole." With a Chinese vase, though, you likely won't take its symmetry or beauty for granted at any point. Chinese potters have been perfecting this art form for thousands of years, and their pieces provide an outstanding means of tracing the development of Chinese art. Although vases are intended to showcase flowers, they often steal the show with their colorful designs, intricate artwork, and shapeliness. Many of the finest vases are made of porcelain, a tough yet translucent material considered to be the finest ceramic material there is. You'll find a large selection of new and antique Chinese porcelain vases, as well as other clay-based pieces, on eBay. Whichever one you settle on, take good care of it. Despite the deeper meaning of Walcott's parable, you'll appreciate your Chinese vase enough to want to keep it in one piece.