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About China Stamp

Beautiful foreign stamps are often the crown jewel of a stamp collector's collection. China stamps, with their bright colors and intricate designs, are a great addition to any collection. China has had a postal service since 1000 BC, although the concept of postal stamps was not used until May 1878. The Large Dragon stamp was the first official stamp of China. Since then, China has had many other styles and values of stamps. The beautiful China Imperial Dragon stamp was one of the final stamps of imperial China. Many other types of stamps are also available to collectors, and they can be found in the vast inventory on eBay. Other key stamps include those that were released in very small runs for larger amounts of money or value. China stamps, when stored in a safe, waterproof, and airtight environment can be kept for years while they increase in value. The 1984 China stamp portrays that year's Olympics, making it a cross collectible for stamp and Olympic item collectors.

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