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About China Plates

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people—even your grandmother—refer to dinnerware as China plates? That’s because decorative China plates and cups were born in the East, where the Chinese people discovered the process of making porcelain. Then the trade routes opened, and China dinner plates became must-haves for upper class Europeans. The China plate sets were in vogue those days, so much so that noblemen and royalty continued collecting and displaying them as decorative pieces even after Europeans started making porcelain. The tradition of collecting fine China is carried over to this day, when even your parents and grandparents take extremely good care of their prized heirloom—porcelain pieces that made voyages across continents and passed down from generation to generation. Some people also look to add to their collection, which they can find available on eBay or in auction houses, because really, there’s no such thing as having too many when it comes to owning pretty dishes.