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About Chi Silk Infusions

Chai tea does wonders for your body and spirit, but Chi Silk infusion satisfies your hair. Chi Silk Infusion works by penetrating strands, from roots to ends, with rich oils, silk, wheat, soy proteins, and vitamins. This product helps strengthen strands, creating resilience, protection from breakage, manageability, and plenty of shine. You can find small bottles, like 2 oz. varieties, which make ideal travelling companions, or purchase larger bottles for home use. This hair product does not contain alcohol, reducing the risk of scalp irritation and keeping your hair from drying out and turning frizzy. A unique formula of lightweight oils leaves hair shiny and smooth, while eliminating heavy build up and greasy residue. You can find this product in the form of a spray or serum. Sprays distribute product evenly across your hair, while serums are more concentrated and target trouble spots. This product works best on slightly damp hair. You can apply it to your strands after showering and leave it in for a conditioning treatment. Its ingredients are suitable for use with dryers and hair straighteners, and you can use it as part of your thermal styling routine. Look for this hair care item on eBay, which has a large inventory of sizes, giving you many choices. You can complete the look with Chi shampoos, conditioners, and even flat irons.