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About Chews

Your wife giggles as she glances above the morning paper to catch a glimpse of you contently reading the latest issue of Chew that you just purchased. She finds it amusing that you find a Philadelphia chicken cop so captivating that you recently went on eBay in search of more of these intriguing comic books. Your trip to the site was rewarding, as you found that many of the reliable sellers there offered great deals on the comic book series at bargain prices. Needless to say, you were very excited when you recently found an original copy of the Chew #1 issue. This original book includes the very first printed images of the series, and the brand-new original copy that you found came wrapped in plastic and was secured between two pieces of cardboard to ensure that nothing blemished the book. As you were browsing, you also spotted an awesome deal from another reliable seller on a Chew lot that included the first eight installments of the series, not to mention that all of the books were in mint condition. Since they arrived, you have spent your mornings before work eagerly reading them, as your wife sits nearby, smiling at you as she reads the newspaper.