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About Chevy Transfer Case

Unlike what your tiny miniature vehicles from childhood taught you, automobiles are complex systems with a variety of components that must work together in order to operate effectively and safely. Your Chevy transfer case is just one of the several pieces that come together to create the interplay between the engine and the transmission. Whether it is a Blazer, 203, or Chevy Silverado transfer case, this device takes power from the engine, processes it through a series of gears or a chain-driven system, and then transfers it to the front and rear wheel axles so they can then operate the wheels. The vast inventory on eBay features a tremendous array of Chevy transfer case options to help you choose the ideal one to meet your needs and keep your Chevy performing for you. Replace a failed or missing transfer case with a rebuilt option, or use a rebuild kit featuring individual components to construct your own case or repair an existing case. Most are compatible with several models such as the Silverado, Sierra, and Avalanche, making it easy to choose the right one. Select a transfer case and keep all of the parts of your vehicle working harmoniously together.