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About Chevy Monza

Roll down the windows, tilt your seat back, and feel the cool breeze run through your hair as your hands firmly grip the wheel. With its exquisitely streamlined body design and a powerful engine, the Chevy Monza is still highly coveted more than three decades after it was first produced. Only produced for a total of five years, the Chevrolet Monza series created some of the most inventive vehicle models ever seen in the United States. The Chevy Monza Spyder is a flashy two-door coupe made for speed. Given the vast inventory on eBay, Chevy Monza aficionados can find well preserved and fully restored models available for purchase. Choose a super charged 5-speed Chevrolet Monza and push it to the maximum to see what this car can really do. If this car looks familiar to you, it is probably because you can still find them being used by professional race car drivers in high speed races. If the Chevrolet Monza can help a race car driver get to the finish line in record time, imagine what it can do in your everyday life.