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About Chevy 5 Speed Transmission

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You are putting together a mean machine, and only one thing is missing – the transmission. With a Chevy 5-speed transmission, your machine — and your mechanical prowess — is mean, indeed. Sellers on eBay provide you with an impressive list of options when it comes to transmissions. Chevy transmissions monitor revolutions per minute to ensure that the engine operates in the most efficient way possible while delivering adequate power to the drivetrain. The average gasoline engine achieves optimum efficiency at around 1,250 revolutions per minute, so it is important to keep the transmission in working order. There is also a difference between manual and automatic. If you are fixing up a muscle car, a Chevy 5-speed manual transmission is an ideal choice, as it allows for a greater feel for the engine. Automatic transmissions can also be had for repair projects. A Chevy 1500 5-speed transmission for example, can be had with convenient shipping options and an agreeable price. If your Silverado needs work, you can avoid shelling out hundreds of dollars for labor at a professional garage when you work on your Chevy 5-speed transmission in your own garage.