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About Chevy 350 Block

The V8 Chevy 350 block engine is easy to restore and add power to, and it is found in hot rods, sports cars, trucks, and even boats. The 350 cubic-inch engine debuted in the 1967 Camaro, and it is still made for many hot rods today. It was so well liked that it eventually became the GM corporate standard for every brand in the United States except Saturn. Most engines have a fuel pump mounting pad on the right side near the front of the block. However, cars with electronic fuel injection systems do not use a mechanical pump. A bare Chevy 350 block does not have some parts, like cylinders, needed for a working engine. The 350s are sometimes called small blocks because they are smaller than many other engines. Take advantage of the great selection and huge inventory on eBay to find the perfect Chevy 350 block engine for your car, as well as any tools or parts you may need.

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