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About Chests

A wooden chest evokes various images, including that of a skull-emblazoned vessel packed with pirate plunder to a coffer containing hand-sewn quilts and linens in anticipation of a future marriage. Playful parents may want to thrill a special birthday boy with a life-like treasure chest. They can bundle it with pirate coins and jewels, an "authentic" treasure map, and menacing eye patches to really add drama and delight to the gift. Future brides who want hope chests often relish the fresh, woodsy smell that cedar adds to the contents. These types of chests and many other styles are available on eBay in new and used condition. Shoppers can choose between antique chests or brand new products fashioned in generic styles or adorned with elaborate embellishments. Decorative accents sometimes include engravings, stenciled paintings, studded copper straps, wooden medallions, and carved legs. Best of all, one-click purchasing guarantees a stress-free shopping experience on the site.