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About Cheshire Cat Costumes

A disembodied grin floats in the darkness; its voice is a breathy trill one note away from cackling. A Cheshire Cat costume is an ensemble inspired by the mercurial feline from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass." Disney later adapted the book into a film titled "Alice in Wonderland," which featured the cat prominently. A blue Cheshire Cat costume adapts the cat's signature blue-and-pink-striped appearance with the grin painted wide on a cotton hood. The costume is sewn in such a way as to resemble a loose and comfortable set of pajamas. These can be filled in with padding to mimic the cat's girth and jocular roundness. You can wander around as the nonsensical life-of-the-costume-party, perching atop whatever is convenient to dispense bizarre advice and torment anyone unwise enough to come dressed as Alice. You can buy a Cheshire Cat costume from qualified sellers on eBay where many costumes and costume supplies are available.