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About Cherub

There is something about those chubby babies with little wings that people find irresistible. These angelic attendants from Biblical lore have been favorites with artists for centuries, and winged cherubs can be found in paintings and sculpture as far back as the fourth century. They are the objects of many collectors' fondest desires; both in both fine art and home decor, and cherub figurines make excellent gifts for mothers and grandmothers on special occasions. Cherubs have also been used extensively to adorn mantel clocks. Either cast in brass or porcelain, delicately hand-painted or gilt, these timepieces are also popular gifts that go well with many classical design styles, such as French Provincial, Baroque, and Victorian themed decor. Cherub clocks were especially popular in Victorian times with royalty and the upper classes; the Tsar of Russia commissioned one from Faberge in 1888. The reliable sellers on eBay carry a wide variety of these whimsical reminders of faith in the form of statues, timepieces, wall decor, and light fixtures. Careful and convenient shipping options ensure that your new collectible or gift is delivered safely to your door.

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