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About Cherished Teddies

It’s your daughter’s first ballet performance, and like any parent, you are overwhelmed with pride and joy for your sweetheart’s time on stage. You daughter completes her final plié with grace and charm and you meet her backstage to present her with something to truly commemorate the event: a ballet-themed bear from the Cherished Teddies line. Nothing is more precious than these moments, and there are perhaps no gifts more precious than the figurines from the Cherished Teddies collection. You can find Cherished Teddies figurines, as well as Cherished Teddies ornaments, to encapsulate any emotion, memory, or accomplishment you wish. There is a bear for every occasion, making them a highly collectible item. Not all bears are equally as common, as many were made only in very small batches making them exceptionally rare today. Whether you’re after the most hard-to-find bear to complete your collection, or the first one to start your set, you can find what you need from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Show you care with one of these delicate and beautiful collectable items and tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you.