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About Cher

Cher evokes images of long, dark hair, large eyes, and a soulful contralto sound. Also called the "Goddess of Pop," this singer and actress has sold over 100 million solo albums worldwide. She is the only artist to have a number one single on a Billboard Magazine chart in each of six decades. Her rise to fame started as part of the "Sonny and Cher" team in 1965, which eventually led to a 1970s television show. She was known for her amazing costumes and long hairstyles even at that time, and Mego produced Sonny and Cher dolls along with various costume choices. These 12-inch toys are now vintage collectables found on eBay, along with more recent Cher Barbie dolls dressed in some of her more outlandish stage costumes. Fans can also pick up her films, such as "Burlesque" and "Mask," or even concert DVDs of this talented woman. Whether you like her music, acting, or that uniquely feminine, yet powerful attitude that sums up Cher, you can enjoy the finest offerings from her career through a selection of related memorabilia. "Turn back time" and sing along with one of the finest voices in a generation with your copy of Cher's best music and movies.