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About Chelsea Clocks

While anyone can check the time on his or her watch or cell phone, clocks bring an elegant touch to a room. A Chelsea clock carries a history that dates back to 1897. Their timeless style looks great on the mantle or a bookshelf. For a unique look, choose a Chelsea Navy clock, which reflects the company's nautical history. Styled like a ship's bell clock, they bring a unique touch to your space. Some clocks also show the tides and barometric pressure. Give a friend or family member a Chelsea brass clock to display in their home. The classic construction brings a vintage feel to a room with a brass and wood finish and large round display. Other popular finishes include brushed nickel and chrome. Vintage Chelsea clocks are popular with collectors. Inspired by designs from naval history, they feature unique accents, like flags in place of numbers, and designs that look like the radio clocks used to listen for emergency signals when at sea. Find a Chelsea clock for your home through the large inventory on eBay. Keep time in style.

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