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About Chef Knives

Some cooks say that all you need in the kitchen is a good, sharp chef knife. While a paring knife and serrated bread knife can come in handy, a chef's knife can handle the majority of tasks, from chopping up vegetables to deboning chicken. A chef knife is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and it is important to keep the blade as sharp as can be, either by sharpening it yourself at home or by sending it out to a professional knife sharpener. Choosing a knife that is the right size for the job and for your hand is also important. If your hands are small, an 8-inch chef knife might be ideal. If you have bigger hands or a large portion of food to chop up, a 10-inch chef knife works better. Protect your knife's blade, and your fingers, by storing it in a chef knife case in the drawer or cabinet. If you are looking for a single knife or a complete set, reliable sellers on eBay have a large inventory of knives in new, used, and vintage knife sets with convenient shipping options. Start cutting your food with ease by investing in a high-quality knife.