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About Cheap iPhone 4

Diehard iPhone fans typically want the latest and greatest model as soon as it rolls off of the assembly line, but upgrading frequently is often costly. A great solution for individuals who want the latest iPhone models is to purchase a cheap iPhone 4 until it is time for them to upgrade their phone through their service contract. When shopping for cheap iPhone 4 smartphones, Apple fans have two main options: the 4 and the 4S. While both iPhone 4 models offer a wide range of features, the iPhone 4S boasts an 8 MP camera whereas the iPhone 4 offers a 5 MP camera and lacks the newer face-detection feature. The 4S also has improved HD video recording and a slightly longer battery life; however, the differences between the two models are not that drastic. You can find a wide range of iPhone 4 models available through the reliable sellers on eBay. You may also want to check out packages to score some great accessories along with your phone. For example, you could find a cheap white iPhone 4S with a car charger and other accessories, rather than having to purchase each of your accessories separately. Once you find the iPhone 4 model that is right for you, make sure to check out cheap iPhone 4 cases to protect your investment.

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