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Shop the extensive inventory of radio control control lines and RC toy chassis!

About Chassis

You love working with your hands, getting into the fine details, and customizing your own vehicles or audio equipment. Hobbyists and enthusiasts alike appreciate the huge inventory of various chassis available on eBay. If you like to build motorcycles and cars on your own, check out the large selection of rolling chassis. This internal framework of a vehicle usually includes the frame and running gear without any of the body work. These make great customizable pieces for car enthusiasts to work with. On the other hand, if you are into the electronics side of chassis, check out the awesome inventory of amplifier chassis. Often made of sheet metal or aluminum, these external enclosures are ready to be filled with custom electronics for audiophiles to design and build their own guitar amps. Reliable sellers offer convenient shipping options on a huge selection of parts, and with such wide range, you are sure to find the right pieces to meet your DIY needs.