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About Charter Club

When it comes to opulence, you know whom to turn to. Charter Club is one of the leading names in cashmere garments. You may see or try on a cashmere jacket and never think about where it comes from. You just know that the fabric is incredibly soft and it feels heavenly against your skin. Well, you can thank the goats who give up their ultra-soft undercoats every year. In the colder months, you may reach for Charter Club pajamas. Cashmere pajamas keep you warmer than wool, up to eight times warmer. Women who like to live in comfort can crawl into bed with a warm goose down comforter. The winter months need not be bitterly cold. You can find on eBay plenty of warm cashmere options to keep you nice and toasty. The next time you slip on your Charter Club pajamas or crawl under the goose down comforter, take comfort in knowing you're swaddling yourself in high quality products that keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside.