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About Charles Barkley

The Round Mound of Rebound, Sir Charles, or whatever you call him, Charles Barkley has made his mark on the basketball world and beyond. From his outspoken and controversial commentary as a television personality to his proposed run for governor of Alabama, Charles Barkley is hard to forget. Any memorabilia from his outstanding athletic career or his antics after he retired makes a valuable and entertaining addition to any collection. A Charles Barkley basketball card from any period of his career, from his college years at Auburn University to his professional years as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets, or Phoenix Suns is a good investment. A Charles Barkley autograph from any of those teams or from his Olympic Gold Medal teams would make a welcomed gift for any Sir Charles fan. With his unpredictable personality, you never know what his next move will be that makes his memorabilia even more valuable. Given his past record, he may run for President someday!

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