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About Charizard

Who can forget the iconic, fire-breathing Pokemon character Charizard? Loved by some, feared by others, this character appears in many places, including cards, video games, and in the form of stuffed animals. Maybe you collected Pokemon cards by the hundreds during the Pokemon craze, and played competitive games for hours on ends with friends. Even though the world moved on from the world of Pokemon, you never did. If you continue to play and collect cards, you are not alone. On eBay, you can find a large variety of new and used Charizard cards that vary in production year, price, and value. You can bring back memories of the dragon in his early days with a first edition Charizard card, which features a picture of the character, along with a physical description and playing value. You can also add a limited edition card honoring Shining Charizard, the evolved form of Charizard, to your collection as well. However you choose to do so, there are many great ways to remember Charizard.