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About Charlie Chaplin - Entertainment Memorabilia

A film icon in America, Charlie Chaplin was actually born in London, England, in 1889 and spent his later years in Switzerland after being denied re-entry into the U.S. for political reasons. Despite this controversy, the silent movie actor remains an American treasure, and collectors still covet Charlie Chaplin memorabilia. Remembered fondly for his unique mustache, bowler hat, and cane, the actor starred in numerous films, including "The Tramp" and "The Great Dictator," and wrote and directed many films as well. Fans can find a wide range of memorabilia sold by reliable sellers on eBay, making it easy to grab the perfect piece to add to, or start, a collection. Browse through collectibles and memorabilia including dolls, glass figurines, and Charlie Chaplin posters. Completely new to the actor and his work? Start learning through copies of Chaplin's most memorable movies, as well as books and documentaries about the iconic film star.