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About Chanter

Kilted men in full regalia frequently play this instrument during funeral processions—the solemn drone of Scottish bagpipes is nothing if not unique. The basic components of a bagpipe include the bag, the blowstick, a double-reed chanter, and several single-reed drone pipes. The chanter and drones produce sound as the bagpipe player forces air through the reeds within them. Since learning to play the bagpipe takes considerable dedication, teachers typically start students off with a practice chanter. This helpful tool allows beginners to master the basics before moving up to full bagpipes. For convenience, skilled players often opt to practice this way as well. Over time, chanter reeds wear out and require replacement. There are two types of chanter reeds—the more common molded reed, as well as the ridge cut reed. Look for examples of each type from reliable eBay sellers, along with new and pre-owned practice chanters. And, of course, if you really want to look the part, shop for a stylish tartan kilt in your size.