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Be a diva, a pilot, a retro librarian, or a rock star. Be anything you want to be when you wear Chanel sunglasses. Tap into your serious, playful, or sexy side by donning the design that best suits your face shape. Who needs rose-colored glasses when you have Chanel?

About Chanel Sunglasses

Making an entrance is all about attitude. Wearing a pair of Chanel sunglasses can give you the confidence to make a splash. Something about the exclusive design invokes Hollywood royalty. From vintage styles featuring the classic Chanel logo to aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses, Chanel offers designs to suit a variety of discerning tastes. Go retro with a pair of cat eye sunglasses in a wild leopard print, or try something more contemporary with designs featuring pearls and rhinestones on the frame. Known for bold, cutting-edge fashion, Coco Chanel strives to create looks for those who are unafraid to take chances. If you choose a bold color or striking design, then keep your jewelry minimal and wear neutral colored clothing so those sunnies really stand out. Find the right sunglasses for you by browsing the large selection of new, used, and vintage styles on eBay. Add a pair to your sunglasses collection, and watch the heads turn. Don't just enter a room, command it.