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About Chanel Scarves

Walking up the stone steps to the concert hall, you are holding the collar of your coat closed as the wind is whipping all around you. If only you had remembered your Chanel scarf to protect you from the elements. A Chanel scarf is elegant, functional, and is a statement maker on its own. A Chanel cashmere scarf adds a touch of softness and femininity to any outfit. Try a scarf in cream and pink with the iconic double C logo, made of 50 percent cashmere, 27 percent wool, and 23 percent silk with a fringed edge. This luxurious, classic accessory pairs well with a camel colored pea coat, or jeans and a sweater. For a playful look, tie on a Chanel cotton scarf like the Resort scarf, with a large graphic print depicting women dressed in Chanel across it. Made of 100 percent cotton, this scarf pairs well with wide-legged linen pants, and wedges for a leisurely day in town. Search the vast inventories on eBay for options. You leave the house, wrapping a Chanel scarf around your neck, prepared for wherever the day takes you.