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About Chair Pads

The Taylors lingered longer after dinner, enjoy coffee and dessert; the evening had been so delightful, catching up with old friends that no one wanted to leave, or even move into the living room. It sure was a good thing you bought those new chair pads from eBay last month. The beautiful red and orange floral pattern livened up your Queen Anne mahogany dining room set and looked great with your gold-rimmed china. They just really brightened up the dining room and everyone seemed to feel right at home. The chair pad set felt so comfortable that no one really noticed how late it was getting. Of course, they wouldn't notice that the chair pads stayed in place with subtle snap loops, and that the fabric was easy to clean. No one said anything about how the added warmth and coziness to the space. They complimented you on the dinner and said your home was just gorgeous. That's ok. They needn't know your secret. As long as they enjoyed themselves and everyone was at ease, you could reminisce about the good old days for another few hours. Next month, the Brouwers were coming over for a barbecue. Maybe you better look into those previously-owned outdoor chair pads you liked.