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About Chain Sunglasses

Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Snooki are no chain of fools. Paparazzi have spotted these stylish celebs wearing trendy chain sunglasses, and fashionistas everywhere are clamoring to copy them. Sunglasses with chain details add extra interest and flair to an otherwise ordinary set of shades. The chain detailing can come in the form of simple links built into the temples, as with Oakley Daisy Chain sunglasses, or chunky, oversized gold chain links, such as the Celine variety, a Kim Kardashian favorite. Chanel chain sunglasses have delicate strips of lambskin woven through the chains at the temples for a luxe touch. A more outlandish look involves a chain necklace draped atop the top bar and bridge of the sunglasses that hangs loose from the side hinges and swings down to the neck. The edgy necklace is a great way to keep those sunnies handy when the paparazzi starts snapping photos. Explore the vast inventory on eBay for chain sunglasses that ward off harmful UV rays and also keep you in the limelight.