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About Ceylon Sapphires

The gem collector comes home from his long journey to the jungles of Sri Lanka, and he tells his friends it was all worth it as he empties a tiny bag upon the table, revealing dozens of glittering blue stones. These are Ceylon sapphires, known all over the world for their natural blue color that does not require any artificial enhancement procedures. There is some variety in the color of the Ceylon blue sapphire, which ranges from a teal color to a deep navy blue, which almost looks purple. Most sapphire do not have the brilliance and color depth required of the jewelry industry, but those natural stones such as the Ceylon sapphire that do meet those requirements are extremely valuable. It is possible to find genuine stones listed by reliable sellers on eBay. In fact, it is even possible to find the ultra-rare Ceylon star sapphire, a stone that displays a star pattern. It is truly a sapphire worth keeping as a treasure.