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About Cereal

Start every morning with the perfect bowl—or wait until late and enjoy it as a midnight snack. Cereal is one of those foods you can't help but love. Dry by the handful or drenched in milk, everyone has a favorite cereal. And there are a million ways to enjoy this pinnacle of prepared breakfast foods. If you are a fan of vintage—and contemporary—brands like Post and General Mills cereals, everything from collectible boxes and bowls to prizes and toys are up for grabs on eBay. Forget cupboards cluttered with bulky boxes; indulge in fashionable dishing and portioning of your favorite snack by placing an attractive and durable new or previously owned cereal dispenser on your kitchen counter or breakfast bar. This food has come a long way over the centuries, from chunks of fiber to delectable flakes and clusters of sweet and crunchy satisfaction. Bring your love of cereal to the next level with all of the accoutrements.