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About Center Console Lids

You never realized how messy you are until you broke the center console lid in your car. Now, you see all of those gum wrappers, the receipt from last week's lunch, and the countless other items that you would rather hide. You can go back to keeping your mess behind closed doors by getting a new center console lid. Choose a lid that fits your vehicle's make and model. For instance, if you need a 2006 Dodge RAM center console lid, you need to find one that fits the 2006 model. You will notice that one lid fits several models so this is easy. You can find new and used console lids for your Dodge RAM and other vehicles through the immense selection on eBay. You can even find a Camaro center console lid if you need one. Then, you can finally hide that mess away. Once it is out of sight, it will be as if it is not even there.

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