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About Celluloid

Easily molded and designed into a broad range of fun and functional shapes, celluloid has been a popular compound for well over a century. Used to create everything from toys and dolls to ornate containers and boxes, this diverse material was originally created as a replacement for hard-to-get, precious ivory and horn. Vintage celluloid toys and collectibles make beautiful additions to any curio collection or display. You can even seek out gorgeous holiday celluloid models from the past in the form of figurines or ornaments. If you want to add new, previously owned, or vintage celluloid toys or a celluloid box to your personal antiques collection, eBay has a virtually endless selection. Increasingly rare in immaculate condition, older examples of celluloid collectibles are increasingly hard to find and to be treasured. Imagine an illustrious collection of examples lining your highest shelf, the soft light catching the expert coloring of these handsome antiques. Look to the history of celluloid, and you will know why it was once for much more than just guitar picks and tennis balls.

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