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About Cellular Shades

The heat is up, but your front room is freezing because of your drafty windows. As much as you would love to be able to replace those windows, you know you cannot afford it, but you can do the next best thing and invest in some cellular shades. The design of honeycomb cellular shades creates pockets of air within the shade, insulating your room. This can help to reduce your energy bills, as rooms stay warmer and heat up quicker. Of course, cordless cellular shades also provide privacy, which is important for windows that face out onto main roads where pedestrians frequently pass by. For the best selection of shades at great prices, browse on eBay. Reliable sellers have a massive variety of shades suitable for all types of home decor and all budgets. Best of all, cellular shades are easy to install without the assistance of a trained fitter, so your drafty front room will be feeling cozy and warm in no time.