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So you have a cell phone, but does it have the features you need? Need more memory? A phone with 2 SIM cards might be what you'™re looking for. Is your screen too small to watch the game? A 5" screen may be the ticket. So, go ahead, toss that old phone and get the one you really want on eBay.

About Cell Phones

Whether you want to face it or not, there will come a time when your trusted cell phone need to be replaced or you will need to start hunting for a great deal on cell phones that you can add to your family plan. The question is not whether you will be getting a new/used cell phone, but when and how much you will need to spend. When you shop for that new or used cell phone, you may want to consider buying an older, unlocked version of the current phones for sale from your provider. These phones can be added to your plan without the several hundred dollar expense for the newer generation phones. And unless your teen needs to have the most up to date current features for taking video and streaming it live, you may want to strip down even further and implement a “for emergencies only” policy. Then again, if you are looking for a cell phone for yourself, you may want to look into those fabulous features that have come long way and make your cell more than just a tool for talking. Latest features incorporate social media and access to the cloud directly into the phone operations. As long as the phone is compatible with your carrier, you are in business. So the questions for both you and your teen become about how much you want to spend, and what size and style you prefer. Consider aspects like screen size, QWERTY keyboard access, touch screens, camera acuity, size, and shape. After all, when people talk cellphones these days, it’s more than just about making conversation; it’s about utilizing an all-in-one tool to make your life easier.