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About CD Sleeves

Once used only in the technology industry to hold compact discs of data, CD sleeves have become one of the most popular crafting tools by DIYers. CD sleeves are primarily paper or plastic. They are available on eBay in basic white or black, trendy craft paper, or in a rainbow of other colors. Now that most of us have moved on from using the vintage sleeves for their original purpose, one of the most popular uses of these handy, inexpensive paper CD sleeves is as an over-sized cookie covering. CD sleeves with window are perfect for displaying a cookie used as a wedding or birthday favor, a Christmas gift or party treat. Crafters decorate the sleeves with printed words and designs, and then insert the cookie behind the window and seal with paper trim, ribbon, twine, or any number of other assorted crafty items. In addition to cookie wrappers, new CD sleeves make fun invitation envelopes. With or without the spherical window, the sleeves can hold party invitations and cards for all occasions. One original use of a CD sleeve remains, that is housing a music CD. Brides and grooms often make their own playlists of favorite songs to give wedding guests and personalize the paper or plastic CD sleeves with pictures or their love story. Children honoring their parents' important anniversaries make mixes of their parents' favorite songs for party guests. While the sale and use of CDs continues to drop as technology evolves, the use of these convenient wrappers continues to increase.