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About CD Labels

Other than flash drives, CDs are the best way to share volumes of digital information, whether it is music, pictures, short films or data files. In doing so, CD labels are important as well, offering a classier way to identify the contents over simply using an indelible marker. For instance, imagine your band put together some songs on CDs for passing around as demos. Having a CD label maker lets you to add the band's pictures or logos to the disc and the case for a much more professional look. The concept is similar for brides who want to share wedding photos with family on CD or a budding filmmaker who sends film work to compete in contests. You can find packages of blank CD labels, from 24 labels up to 600 sheets, on eBay. In addition, label applicators help you apply the stickers neatly and without wrinkles every time for a professional quality look. To produce a lot of CDs as part of a business, invest in a new or pre-owned duplicator and printer combo machine that burns DVDs and CDs along with creating the labels. Using labels helps you create a more professional product to share, which is a great idea in any business. No one would label you as an amateur.

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