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About CD Boomboxes

It started out as another crazy freshmen challenge, but there were so many of you who enjoyed 1990s music that it became an underground dance club. But you know that it is not truly rad until you get a CD boombox. A boombox is a staple of urban street music, with a strong tie to hip-hop culture. Essentially, it is a big, loud music box that produces heavy, thumping bass. Although a CD player boombox takes compact discs, certain old models have cassette players and receive terrestrial radio stations. With the current preference of digital audio files over physical media, new boomboxes are usually smaller in size than those old models. Nowadays, a portable CD player boombox may come with a dedicated iPod dock, satellite radio tuner, and even Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones. Whether you want a vintage or modern CD boombox, you can find the right one among the wide selection of portable stereo players available on eBay.