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About Catwoman Masks

In Gotham City, it is crucial to obscure your identity, especially if you are a sometimes-villain that enjoys snatching jewels. If you want to pretend that you live in Gotham for a night, then Catwoman masks will get you in the right mood. One of the most iconic comic book characters in history, Selina Kyle has donned the skintight cat costume for generations, sometimes even winning over the heart of Batman in the process. For your Catwoman getup this Halloween or for a comic book convention, a leather mask with pointed tips emulating cat ears makes for a perfect finishing touch. You can also go for the look of Catwoman in 'The Dark Knight Rises' as portrayed by Anne Hathaway. This mask features futuristic pointed cat ears. If you prefer the Michelle Pfeiffer version of Catwoman from 'Batman Returns,' you can find a leather mask with stitching just like from the iconic movie. Reliable sellers on eBay offer many types of Catwoman masks so you can find what you are looking for. Strike curiosity and terror into the hearts of everyone you see with the perfect Catwoman mask and costume.