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About Cateye Wireless

As your smartphone slipped from its mount and smashed against the asphalt, you saw the wisdom in getting a CatEye wireless bicycle computer. If you use a bunch of apps on your smartphone to monitor distance, speed and calories burnt while cycling, then maintaining your balance could prove to be quite difficult. Not only are you likely to damage that expensive smartphone, but it is also the wrong device for quantifying your cycling. With a CatEye Urban wireless computer, you get a device better suited to monitoring your cycling performance and progress in real-time. This device not only measures distance, speed, and time, but also makes you feel good about your cycling lifestyle altogether. It does this by estimating how many calories you have burnt, and how much carbon dioxide emission you saved the planet by choosing to cycle. If you ride regularly over rough terrains, the CatEye Strada wireless computer is the one to choose. Its large screen and one-hand operation will save you a lot of trouble when riding over uneven surfaces. With the wide selection of CatEye wireless bicycle computers found on eBay, you can save yourself and your next phone from needless spills.