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About Caterpillar 3406

If you are not a commercial truck driver, a heavy equipment operator, or a mechanic, you probably have no idea what a Caterpillar 3406 is. Though it might sound like a huge butterfly larvae, it is actually a massive combustion engine, the purpose of which is to put out a whole lot of power. Because this is such a large and powerful engine, it is typically used only for commercial applications in large vehicles such as tractor trailer trucks or in construction equipment. If you are looking for a Caterpillar 3406 engine, or you have an existing 3406 engine that needs some new parts, you are in luck. There is a vast inventory on eBay, including both Caterpillar 3406 parts and complete engines. Examples of parts you might be able to find with a little searching include alternator brackets, exhaust manifolds, injector rings, fuel pumps, and water pumps. There may also be much smaller parts that are still essential, including fuel tube injection lines and exhaust manifold gaskets that are perfectly sized for the Caterpillar 3406.

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