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About Cat Toys

Your little ball of fluff gives you all the cuddles and attention it wants to and in return all it demands is a few decent cat toys to play with when you’re out at work -not too much to ask, is it? If you’re looking for interactive cat toys for your cat or kitten–great for making the most of this age when they rarely go outside and need active stimulation–then you could consider an automatic red laser pointer, which is guaranteed to have your kitten or cat pouncing around in delight. Maybe you’re after something a bit more traditional like a ball or mouse so you can take a more active role in playing with kitty; whatever gift you want to give your furry friend, you can find a huge selection of toys for cats on eBay. Your pet will gift you with companionship and unconditional love for life–don’t paws for thought, give him or her a treat!