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About Cat Paws

To really get the most out of any opportunity you get to dress up as a cat, you have to add cat paws to the ensemble. Some versions are smaller and meant to allow you to use your hands still, but others are large and made from faux fur. Some paws might have little pads designed to look like a cat's toes, or even small fake claws. Some of these costume cat paws are designed to be far more out there and obvious, and are usually used for things such as anime cosplay and other characters. If you get a full set of paws for your costume, you should have paws for your feet as well as for your hands. This gives your outfit a more complete look, and all of the paws match each other. Some sets even include ears and a tail, which you might need if you are putting together your entire outfit from scratch. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find cosplay cat paws or other cat paws to fit any character or outfit you have ready to go.