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About Cat Eye Sunglasses

The feline mystique in a woman heightens behind a pair of cat eye sunglasses. Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor fans of the 1950s fondly remember this style — thin frames with exaggerated pointy edges. You can find similar retro cat eye sunglasses, such as Chanel cat eye sunglasses on eBay. The range of frame prints include plain black, checkered, polka dotted, tortoise, and brightly colored. Modern-day cat eye designs are more rounded and subtle, but they turn on the old-fashioned charm nonetheless. Top eyewear brands and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have collectively brought cat eye sunglasses back into vogue. These pearl- or crystal-encrusted frames turn the spotlight on your face. Their polarized lenses take good care of your eyes in the harsh ultraviolet light. When not in use, pack your precious shades in a luxury protective case having the Dior, Tom Ford, or Prada logo, or the Chanel monogram. The cat eye contour highlights the bone structure and is "purr-fect" for any face, so there is really no excuse for not adding a pair or two to your eyewear collection.