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About Cat Brooch

Your cat knows that she runs the house; she sleeps where she wants to sleep, eats when she wants to eat, and listens to you only when she is in the mood for you, but does she know how super fashionable she is? Express your admiration for your feline queen with a stunning cat brooch pin. Reliable vendors on eBay offer a splendid selection of cat-centric jewelry in a variety of colors, styles, and vintages that satisfy even the most finicky buyer (and her cat). Choose a cat brooch pin forged in silver or gold; festooned with rhinestones, crystal, or enamel; and in sizes ranging from kitten-diminutive to Maine Coon bold. How about a .925 sterling cat brooch created in the Mexican silver capitol of Taxco, or a lovely gold-tone cat with sparkling rhinestone eyes? Retro cats purr with delight over a genuine vintage cat brooch, like a Siamese cat brooch enameled in mid-century pink and green tones, or a tiny, amber-hued rhinestone cat by Juliana. That should get you some attention from kitty.