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About Castle Creations

Versatility and passion are some of the most important characteristics that every RC manufacturer must put into its RC racing trucks and cars, and when you’re looking for a brushless or ESC motor that propels your RC car into the first-place slot, you can find wide versatility and racing passion in every Castle Creations RC vehicle. From the 3S LiPo, 12 cell NiMH battery within the Sidewinder 3, to the Neu-Castle, short-course brushless motor that runs on 4S LiPo, 14 NiCd/NiMH batteries, the array of Castle Creations RC engines and battery packs fully maximizes the electrical components in most RC vehicles, allowing for near-highway speeds, driving in wet conditions, and much more. Fortunately, whether you are searching for your own highly renowned Castle Creations Sidewinder or would like to get your hands on the speedy Castle Creations Mamba Monsters, a quick trip to eBay grants you access to a range of brand new and slightly used Castle Creations RC products and parts. With Castle Creations models, you can dive into the fast-paced world of RC monster trucks and racing cars and get into the driver’s seat yourself.

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