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About Cast Iron Toys

From the stagecoach on the bookshelf to the dalmatian on your nightstand, collecting vintage cast iron toys is your passion. Cast iron figures have more weight and substance than modern plastic toys. Back before the introduction of plastic and other lightweight materials, toy makers used whatever materials they could, such as cast iron, to manufacture toys for children. Cast iron figures are made by pouring molten iron into a mold and allowing it to cool. Today, antique cast iron toys are highly collectible and some are very valuable. From miniature stoves to horse drawn wagons and other nostalgic period products, cast iron toys hail from an era gone by. When purchasing cast iron items, you can save money by buying a cast iron toy lot, which includes multi-toy sets, such as soldiers, cannons, vehicles, and more. eBay offers great deals on a large selection of cast iron toys for collectors from a multitude of reliable sellers.

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