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About Cast Iron Radiators

If you are living your own version of "This Old House," you likely have found your share of challenges. Older homes often have the cast iron radiators still intact, even if they no longer work properly. If you are restoring that house, however, it makes sense to have them in good working order, particularly if the boiler is still functional. Antique cast iron radiators, from smaller ones to larger, are more readily available than most people think. The best way to determine without setting it up whether or not a radiator is likely to work is to figure out whether or not it has any leaks. To do that, you simply fill the radiator with water and check carefully to see if there is any water leaking anywhere. Cast iron steam radiators function similarly to water-driven radiators, although the system uses steam that condenses to water in order to turn the valve back on and release steam into the radiator again. It can be tough to find cast iron radiators in your area when you need them, but the large inventory available on eBay means that you can find exactly the size you need to dress up your home.

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