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About Casper - Collectibles

Shop the extensive inventory of collectibles including collectible Casper the Ghost items!

A favorite in comic books, children's shows, and movies, Casper the Friendly Ghost has entertained audiences for years. The young spook first showed up in a children's book in 1939 and later hit the silver screen in 1945 as a series of Noveltoons over the years. Additionally, Casper found his way into comic books in 1949 and television in 1959. No matter the media, the character essentially stayed the same: a nonconformist spirit that rejects the idea of scaring people and instead seeks out new friends. Delightful in his antics, Casper teaches kids to be open to meeting new people and that friendship has much value. In both comic books and film, theses stories continue to delight audiences all over the world. For those who collect items related to this spirit, reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of items, including vintage comic books as well as rare dolls and toys. Many figurine toys hit the market in response to the 1995 live action movie, but collectors can also find versions from the 1960s and 1970s, along with other characters, such as Harvey the red devil and Wendy, his witch friend. So add a little friendly spirit to your home with a spooktacular collection of Casper items.