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About Casio Watch

Go old school with a vintage Casio watch, just like your dad had back in the day. With more functions than you can shake a slide rule at, these digital beauties are top of the line. Vintage Casio calculator watches were perfect for the nerd on the go, and were the early form of the PDA and smart phone. Vintage Casio Databank watches are capable of saving phone numbers, and can even play back the tones to dial the saved phone numbers. Vintage Casios are relatively new in the collectibles markets and some models are quite rare. The oldest Casios are marked as made in Japan, and are the most popular. In the mid-1980s, they were assembled in Korea, so this may affect the price of a vintage Casio watch being sold by a collector. The Scientific Calculator watches are popular, with the CFX-200 [197] and CFX-200 [197] models being fairly easy to find. Many vintage watches can be cleaned up with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and metal polish. Casio watches were built with the highest quality in mind, so even after all these years, there are many available on eBay in great working order, and only await a fresh battery. In fact, get your dad one, too, just like the old days.