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About Casio Solar Atomic

When keeping time is of the utmost importance, you need the Casio Solar Atomic watch. It uses special G-Shock technology that receives data from Fort Collins in Colorado and automatically updates the time for pre-selected cities across time zones. Especially useful for business travelers and jet setters, the Casio Solar Atomic Pathfinder keeps you on time no matter where you are. The Casio Solar Atomic watch also stands up to abuse. It can take the impact from drops and handle water. For sheer looks, the Casio Solar Atomic Titanium watch is in a class by itself. The sleek finish attracts attention and the device stands up to low temperatures, water, and heat. It also comes with a 24-hour countdown timer, five alarms to keep you on track, and a digital compass with an altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. Find a new or pre-owned Casio Solar Atomic watch in the large selection on eBay. Keep time in style and never be late again.