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About Casio Protrek

It is freezing outside. A quick glance at your Casio ProTrek reveals that temperatures have dropped below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It is official: today is not going to be a T-shirt day. The Casio ProTrek is a not just a timepiece — it is a watch built for extreme conditions. An ideal companion for adventurers and outdoor enthusiast, the ProTrek watch comes with a range of tools. Its digital display is large enough to allow for easy reading. In addition to a thermometer, it comes with a barometer, altimeter, and a digital compass. A solar powered engine keeps it running constantly without any winding, while synchronized radio updates ensure that the watch always has the correct time set. Available on eBay, the ProTrek comes in different models such as the high-performing PRW-5000. Each option features a rugged waterproof build, capable of absorbing light raps and short falls. However, the Casio ProTrek is not just for thrill seekers. Its sporty build, comfortable watch band, and trendy design make it an ideal fashionable accessory to add to your wardrobe during a walk around town. Just be sure to check the temperature before stepping out wearing only a T-shirt.